Las Du Falafel, Paris

by Jonathan I Hirsch

Las Du Falafel

It has been called “The Falafel destination of Paris, indeed of Europe”, and “Without a doubt, the best falafel in Paris.”

Mighty words to live up to. Words I hoped deeply to ratify by the judgement of my own taste buds…so I made L’As Du Falafel, located in the Old Jewish Quarter of the Marais in Paris, my first destination.

I was not disappointed.

L’As du Falafel is a place that makes you re-consider what makes good street food.

The greatest quick eats I’ve encountered always do a narrow set of things exceptionally well, and nothing is overlooked in this, perhaps the best falafel I’ve ever had.

Mainly, the cabbage is not soggy, or loaded down with vinegar, the falafels are crispy without being oily, or dry. I would have been perfectly content with a Srirracha-like hot sauce but this was homemade, balanced and not overpowering.

In the most unlikely of places, I found an unparalleled example of the falafel sandwich.